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This is another foothold for the development and change of Guangdong carton machinery industry, which represents the development direction of Guangdong carton machinery and will make carton production enter a new period of specialized division of labor and cooperation.

This isGuangdong carton machineryAnother foothold in the development and change of the industry represents the development direction of Guangdong carton machinery, and will make carton production enter a new period of specialization and cooperation.


Guangdong carton machinery is an important part of carton production. In economically developed areas, small and medium-sized enterprises are transforming and strengthening the post-processing equipment, dismantling the original small-scale equipment for processing cardboard, reconfiguring and strengthening the post-processing equipment according to the market volume, and fundamentally breaking the "big and complete" and "small and complete" The backward model comprehensively improves the quality of cartons. Only in this way can we adapt to the market demand after China's accession to the WTO.

Because our country's product packaging has only emphasized the quality of export packaging for a long time. In the future, China will be in line with international standards. In the era of economic globalization, the packaging quality of domestic and foreign products will become more and more consistent.

Guangdong carton machineryThe technology, process and grade of post-processing equipment should attract the attention of the industry. Guangdong carton machinery includes single-sided machines, single machines, post-processing, printing, slotting, nail boxes and other machines, all of which are domestic equipment with an annual output value of 35 million yuan. The cardboard machined by Guangdong carton and the post-processed carton are of the same quality as the products produced by the high-grade production line. The quality of products has been upgraded, the enterprise has developed rapidly, and the output value has expanded to more than 2000 million yuan. This is a successful example of reprocessing equipment investment.

Guangdong carton machinery processing equipment

Necessary equipment: carton printing machine, corrugated paper production line, laminating machine, thread touching machine, paper splitting machine, slotting machine, paper pasting machine, die cutting machine, box gluing machine, nailing machine.

Auxiliary equipment: laser engraving machine, carton proofing machine, die cutting machine.

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